Sloeber 4.2 index issues

Hello, I need a little help after using sloeber for the first time in Windows 10. I downloaded from : After starting sloeber.exe I got always the same issues:

"The indexer option "index source files not included in the build" must be off in windows->preferences->C/C++->indexer and The indexer option "index unused headers" must be off in windows->preferences->C/C++->indexer"

I removed the options like the message said, but sloeber going on in complaining the same options. Is there a mistake on my side with indexes?

Greetings Leo and thank you in advance for helping me


Sloeber is able to compile arduino sketches. Why should I'm stupid to ask a community if there is anybody who is using this tool?


Try posting your issue in this thread:

It is frequented by the Sloeber developers.

You can also enter an issue at the Sloeber GitHub.