Sloeber plugin for Eclipse not finding ports

I have been developing Arduino scrips for about two years now and wanted to start using the Eclipse IDE.

Following all instructions. as best as possible… I ran into a problem using the Sloeber Eclipse plug in.

When creating a new script, I cannot select a port. Refer to picture attached.

The drop down does not contain any values, nor can I type in any port values.

Installed on Windows 10 machine. Updated Java and got most current versions of Eclipse and Sloeber plug in.

Was wondering if anyone else has had the same issue.

Documentation from Sloeber says that configuration is all automatic. I could not find anywhere to define ports… although I may be overlooking… Many places in Eclipse to search.

Thanks in advance.


that is the right place, but the field should be wider and is editable.
is the board connected? can the Arduino IDE see the port?

Thank you for the quick response.

Attaching the Uno to the port made the port available to be selected.

Simple fix.

Thanks again

I have the same Problems too. Sometimes it helps, to klick in the fields above. Then suddenly the field offers some Values.