Slow boot time due to LiPo charger?

Hi all!

When i connect the MKR WIFI 1010 to USB, the start up time seems to be incredible long.
First the charging LED turns on - blinks for a while (2s already gone...), and then the board starts doing what it should do.

Can i speed up the process somehow? Maybe deactivate the LiPo charger?


Hello, at the moment there is no official way to do it but when you power the board from a completely off state the startup time taken by the board is to initiate the board (similar to a computer start-up). It will run the bootloader, prepare the board to be used and then the previously uploaded sketch starts running. This is not an issue related to LiPo charger.

Ok i understand, but 4s boot time in total makes the "pro" board totally useless in a professional application. The mkr series is the first arduino that shows this slow behavior (I tested differnt MKR boards), an Every oder Nano is ready within the blink of an eye...

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