Slow compilation

Dear all,

I am currently coding the TTGO watch with board set to T_Watch-2020-V1.
I took the 'Simple Watch' example from github.

I have troubles with a very slow compiler (over 4 minutes).
I did shut down the virus scanner (still 2 minutes ).
My current IDE version is 1.8.18
My system is Mac OS Big Sur (brand new)
The second compile is always much faster than the first one (approx. 14 seconds when Virus Scanner is down, which is fine with me).
I know that compiled parts of the code (from libraries used) are stored somewhere in memory and reused when recompiled.
However, this information is lost when IDE is closed and started again...
Is there a way to store these intermediate files?

Is there other ways to decrease compilation time?

Hope you can help me out with this.

Kind regards, Koen (Build_1971)

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