Slow compile on Dell M4800 Win7x64 laptop

I admit this is really off-topic, but I searched this forum, the entire internet and every corner of my brain wasting hours figuring this out. And I admit blaming Arduino somewhere along the way... Sorry.

What I experienced: My Dell M4800 compiles my sketch in 5-8 seconds at work and 30+ seconds at home. I thought it related to some missing network drive, but it did not. I thought it related to some environmental parameter or the fact that Arduino recompiles all libraries into new temp folders - even libraries not used - every time i build the sketch. It does not - even though I do not understand the need to build everything every time....

The reason is simple. When at home, my laptop runs on a small 65W power supply; at work a 3 times more powerful supply. It seems that the laptop adapts to this by slowing down. I have not noticed low performance in other applications, but with Arduino it is clear.

I hope this is helpful to other frustrated Arduinoficados.

So are you getting a bigger power supply for home then?

Yes. I have not investigated of there are other options like adaptive clock speed on the laptop.

65W is a "small" power supply?

For the M4800 apparently. When using 65W supply, it complains at start up asking for more power. The standard supply is 180W. That is what I am using now.

Funny that it runs slower with 65W adaper and batteries than on batteries alone. That is how I found the cause.

I googled the model and it's a beast! It looks like a '90 pc, but it features all the latest tecnologies How long is the battery life?

I have no scientific measurement. 3 hour,I would say, not more than 4. It is not really a labtop in this sense; rather a moveable PC. It has a powerful graphicsprocessor, which has no low-power mode. This is probably the reason for low batteri life.

Downside is that the high screen resolution is useless with Windows 7 as fonts are scaled with screen resolution. So using full resolution makes screen unreadable except for ants and smaller animals. I wish there was a way to fix it. Even windows 150% font size is too small when working on it all day...

I like it. Low noise from fans, good speakers, fast. I even like the look. One colleague has one on the new sleek models and a lot of problems with it. Especially IO extenders, docking etc.

Have u ever try, the “fixed” rxtxSerial.dll file??

here some clue at

he just replace the original 'rxtxSerial.dll' with another modified 'rxtxSerial.dll'.

u can found the file here FILE

Another option is, try to turn off antivirus while programming, or just put arduino folder to "exclusions list" in your antivirus.