Slow compiling and uploading.

Hi, I have an Arduino Mega 1280 running in Windows 7 x64. I'm trying to upload de Blink example that it's 1kb and it tooks 30 seconds to do it and 20 to compile it. The last time I used the board was in 2009 with XP x64 and made several sketchs bigger than this and they upload them very quick. I checked the trouble guide and I don't have any BT devices connected. I tried reinstalling Java anda downloading the Arduino 0022 again without luck. Hope someone can help me. Regards.

Well, it seems that Kaspersky is blocking several files making things really slow. When I shut it down I get the code compiled in 2 seconds and uploaded in 4. Maybe is something new in the 2011 version becasuse I didn't need to change anything older version. Hope this help someone else or you can just delete the thread.