Slow & Corrupted Bluetooth Data Transfer

Hello, I am working on a project in which a Nano is connected to an IMU and HC-05 and sends its angular position over Bluetooth to a Nano is which connected to an HC-05 and LCD screen. The pitch and roll and projected on the screen. However, the Bluetooth transfer is very slow compared to if I used wire transmission rather than Bluetooth. The pitch and the roll appear on the screen with quite a bit of delay. Also, the data at times is wrong. About once every 5 readings, the decimal point will move over when it should not, or it will just display 0. Is bluetooth between two HC-05s just very slow, or is the LCD screen slowing it down? Should I change the baud rate of the HC-05s? My code doesn't seem to be too much, because it is just calculating angles and sending/recieving it. Any input is appreciated. Thanks

I bet your problems have nothing to do with bluetooth, and the transmission speed should be exactly the same as with wires. At a guess, your problem may be due to

  1. Unreasonably high polling speed, Yes, the LCD may then be slowing things down.
  2. Use of software serial
  3. generally slack-arsed coding

It might be time to be forthcoming with your code, you certainly won't get much help without it - particularly in the matter of baud rate.