Slow down the LCD polling of a value

I have 4 photo resistors in a voltage divider circuit. I have a 16x4 display showing the values coming from these resistors.The numbers are moving so fast the tens and ones digits are blurs. Is there a way to slow down how often the display code pulls the value without interrupting the rest of the code?

I think I just thought of something, if I put all the code except the display in a for loop, that would mean the display code would run every X amount of times.

Am I thinking of this right?

Yes, it works for now, I have about 25 lines of math and logic inside the loop. With the loop currently set at 10, I get a display update in just under 0.5 seconds.

I am getting a huge kick out of this project.

For the future if you want to control the time between display updates more closely. Here is an example using the blink without delay method of timing (see also the begimmer’s guide to millis())

The display() function is called every time through loop but only updates the display each interval time.

#include <Wire.h>
#include <hd44780.h>                       // main hd44780 header
#include <hd44780ioClass/hd44780_I2Cexp.h> // i2c expander i/o class header

hd44780_I2Cexp lcd; // declare lcd object: auto locate & auto config expander chip

// LCD geometry
const int LCD_COLS = 16;
const int LCD_ROWS = 2;

void setup()
   lcd.begin(LCD_COLS, LCD_ROWS);
   lcd.print("Hello, World!");

void loop()

void displayTime()
  static unsigned long timer = 0;
  unsigned long interval = 1000;
  if(millis() - timer >= interval)
    timer = millis();
    lcd.setCursor(0,0);  // home cursor
    lcd.print("millis =         ");  // enough spaces to overwrite old data 
    lcd.setCursor(9, 0);  // move cursor back to print millis

I knew I remembered reading something about millis() and getting them to do time delay. I will look into this because it looks like my motor controls will have to go into loop functions and I am not sure of the stability of loops inside loops.
I am still a beginner at this but I am learning fast.
When I get this project done, it is going to be AWESOME