slow downloads

Been trying to download the IDE and its slow. 6 hours to download and the find the download is corrupt another 5-6 hours to download. Any ideas why so slow?

Adrian Currently downloading 1.6.11 and message says 2.2/149 MB 9 hours left

The issue must be with your ISP or connection speed or another network issue at your end i'm afraid as it is currently downloading here quite well.

If you mentioned your types of connection it could help. Also make sure you dont have anything else interfering with the download such as an aggressive anti virus.

We have 20 Mbps wireless NBN. Speed test indicates 23.2 Mbps. Download from other sites seems ok but I cant find IDE anywhere else


Adrian, I just tried downloading V1.6.11, (Windows Installer), to duplicate your problem and I too have an issue.

Firefox tells me that the download will take 3 hours 23 minutes to complete. Currently downloading at 7.9KB/s. My internet connection is reasonably fast, (download speed checks out at 22.57Mbps), and I disabled my antivirus software to ensure that it's not causing the problem.

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, Firefox V53.02, (In Australia with wired NBN connection, ISP is Telstra.)

The installer is only 84MB, so should download in a couple of minutes. Something ain't right. Perhaps you should try again later or tomorrow.

Edit: It's now sped up to 10KB/s and says 2 hours to go.

The 2nd download I started stopped at 8.96Mb 1st download completed but file was corrupt. Will try again sometime.


I just tried this download again, and it completed in under one minute, so whatever was wrong seems to have been fixed.

Yes all fixed 19 minutes here.


adrianfu: Yes all fixed 19 minutes here.


Good one. Glad it's sorted out. (19 minutes is far better than 6 hours. ;) )