Slow picture saying on sd module

Am on working on a project which involves taking picture using vc0706 and saving it to sd module, the problem here is that when picture is taken it takes about 18seconds to 25 seconds to save on sd module, my question is, is there a way of reducing the time it takes to save on sd. Thank you

You need a faster camera connection, e.g. with higher baudrate.

But what about spi library, is there a way of increasing the speed using the spi library

SPI library on an Uno will run at 8 MHz clock, must be over the SCK/MOSI/MISO pins, can't go that fast with bit banging.

With SPI you can try setClockDivider or the SPISettings.

Also use a sector buffer for writing to the SD card, don’t write every single byte individually.

How big is one image, how many bits or bytes?

The images are not that large dey are jst 47kb

How long does it take to write that number of constant bytes to the SD card, without reading from the camera?

18 seconds,, i changed the battery rate in the register of the camera but its not working

I never used a SD card myself. Can somebody confirm that 18 seconds is a typical time to store 47kB?

i really need help ,becouse 18 seconds delay in survellance system is not good