Slow programming (compiling)

Is there any reason that it should take 20 to 30+ seconds to compile ("verify") the "AnalogReadSerial" example program with my laptop running Vista 32-bit? I have the board settings set to COM 6 and Mega 2560 (the board I have been using). Is there anything I can do to improve the time? The actual programming time isn't bad at all (once it compiles). Is there like a setting or something to speed it up? Are there any programs that the computer could be running, known to drastically slow down the compiling? I am used to compiling 1000+ line programs in a matter of a few seconds for the lego NXT.

Try holding the shift key down while you click the "verify" button and see if it says anything that gives you a hint.

Do you have Bluetooth devices on your PC? If so, you may need the rxtxSerial.dll fix.

I held shift so that it would show the files it was using (or whatever), and it was just as slow. It proceeds to the next file very slowly (compared to what I am used to seeing) for all the files.

I don't have anything related to BT with this computer.

Interesting .. the only thing I can think of is some virusscanner getting in the way, insisting on scanning each file before allowing the open on it. Are you other disk operations normal speed?

Well, another thought is something is slowing down the java - some global debug switch ? (way out of my depth here)

I disabled file scan, and that seems to make a little difference (now it takes about 17 seconds to compile). Any other ideas?

Edit: Scratch that, it just took 50 seconds.

Well, diagnose it a bit. Activate the Task Manager and the Resource Manager, possibly Performance Monitor, and see if this is the only consumer of disk IO or CPU resources or something else is getting in the way. Is your memory totally overused (Vista is a bit strange/errant on its memory handling)

On my laptop with WIn7 a typical compile is too slow for my liking (5-10 seconds) but on the XP it is a bit faster.

It appears to be very processor intensive. Right now it seems to be using about 10-25% of the CPU power, but when compiling, it takes 70-85%.

This computer has 2GB RAM, and only about half of that is being used according to the monitor.

I guess I will just need to wait until I have access to a different computer to program.