slowing an arduino controlled light seeking RC car?

Hi i have made (have nearly finished) an arduino controlled light seeker, but am having serious problems with the speed of the thing i really want to slow it down. its well to fast to maintain any control (especially on my wooden flooring) could i use resistors on the Volts in? its powered by 4 AA batteries on 1 DC motor rear wheeled drive. it skids and slides light mad. I have thought about small burst but it gets no grip.

i would preper to use some componants rather than go and buy a load of gears.

please be aware im pretty much a noob at this :slight_smile:

any help great appreciated

Try two AA Batteries instead of four. Simple as it gets and might work.

Duane B

thank you!

im learning everyday :wink:

You can use Pulse Width Modulation. That is already built into arduino. Here is a short tutorial, but if you search Playground and google "Arduino PWM", there are many more.

How are you steering your car? Servo?
If you post some code, I'd be glad to help you with the PWM.