SM5100b cellular shield on pins 0, 1 instead of 2, 3

Hello everyone,

I am working on a remote monitoring project using an Arduino Uno and SM5100b cellular shield.

The sm5100b shield uses pins 2, 3 for communication. However, these are the only interrupt pins on the whole board. The SparkFun site suggests breaking the solder bridge to move communication to pins 0, 1...

What are the ramifications of moving to pins 0, 1? Can I still upload code using USB?


  • Ben

Yes, you can, but you probably have to remove the shield during the upload.
Another possibility is to use a different board, the easiest for your case is a Leonardo because the USB connection is in-chip (Serial) and the 0,1 pins (UART) are Serial1. This way you don't have re-route the pins to others as you would have to using a Mega2560 or the like.

Guys, do either of you have any advice for me? I can't get the SM5100B to work at all. Can you have a read and suggest anything please?