SM5100B send data

I have a problem, when I tried to send this comand => Comando: AT+SSTRSEND=1,“UPLOAD_PICS_OK”
give me back error 4

I can’t understand… I done this cell.println(“AT+SSTRSEND=1,”"+data+"""); , everything is connected because I can send a comand and then the gprs try to send the comand.

I want to try this:

>44454647 <ctrl+z>

But I don’t know how to send the and <ctrl+z>

Without seeing the rest of your attempt, I can’t comment on the code too much. Also, I’ve only done SMS with it. From the looks of it, the SM5100B needs a few AT commands to set up its socket connection first before sending the data.

Check out the nice sparkfun overview on your specific topic at:

Hope it helps, good luck!