Small and lowest powered display

Hello everyone... I have been searching for a display for one of my projects but cant seem to find one that would work so I'm turning it over to the experts!

I need any kind of display (OLED,LCD, SEGMENT) that will display 5 numbers or letters. I need to be a maximum of 1 inch x 1 inch. It will be powered by a CR2032 battery but doesn't need to be on all the time (push button activate) is fine. I would prefer graphics but if its too power hungry or expensive I will go with character display. At a minimum I need to display up to a 3 digit number. Costs are a concern as well, so I need something as inexpensive as possible.

Where do these watch companies purchase their digital displays? Something like that would work too but I can't find distributors for them.

Help!! I have been searching and searching and everything seems to be very expensive or too large.

Thanks everyone

What about the n3310/5110 cellphone displays?

Thanks, I was considering them but the cost was a bit more than I had hoped for older technology. Also, I'm not quite sure what kind of production support they will have in the future. First run would be approx 5000 units.