Small Arduino

What is the smallest and cheapest arduino that i can buy.

my personal opinion is that the smallest Arduino for some sort of everyday use would be a RBBB or Boarduino, the cheapest one would surely be to get a Atmel 168 or 328 and solder a few parts onto it.

But if you just want to use the Arduino as everyone else for it’s day to day purpose you should stick with a Duemilanove or Freeduino, maybe Seeeduino (as it is prototype board compatible)… i think that cost efficiency is best with those.

It’s not an Arduino but it’s fairly compatible and I’m very pleased with these…

They are certainly small and it’s tough to beat $19!

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I prefer ladyada’s boarduino for smallness.

Are you willing to solder together the components yourself? Or do you need something already put together?

I have to agree with senior member Nachtwind. The RBBB, & IDUINO are small, but they still have to be mounted on a bread board, solderless or not, to be able to connect to those arduino circuits, or for adding necessary circuitry.
so the whole business takes up more room than you expect, plus the added price of the boards, etc. A solderless breadboard costs more than an Atmel168.
Those solderless breadboards are also quite thick, and I’m not sure if they retain poitive connections for a long period of time, especially in a situation where the circuitry would be subjected to a lot of vibration.

Haven’t bought any yet but the “Arduino Pro” comes in 168 and 328 versions each with 3.3V @ 8MHz and 5V @ 16MHz for a little less than 20 bucks at Sparkfun. :slight_smile:

For the same price, but an even smaller footprint is the Pro Mini at Sparkfun.

I think the Dorkboard is the smallest Arduino possible isn’t it?

The smallest, full-featured Arduino including a USB port is the recently announced Oak Micros om328p Arduino compatible. It is only 1.4" x 0.7" (36mm x 18 mm) which is smaller than the Nano. You can insert the om328p into a standard 28-pin 600mil socket or a breadboard and add your own custom circuitry around it. The om238p has an introductory price of $29.95.

Mike Perks

I just wanted to say wow thats really cool!!
I did not know they came that little.

I would just like to point out that the Teensy is “Arduino-like” versus “Arduino compatible”. What I mean by compatible is that Arduino sketches can run unmodified. The Teensy does not have any Analog inputs and so is not compatible. The larger Teensy++ does have Analog inputs but is larger than the om328p. The Teensy bootloader is also closed source and not available to other people. This kinda defeats the object of the Arduino platform.

It is clear that Paul has spent a lot of effort on the Teensy to get the hardware and software correct and I applaud what he has done. One of my next projects is going to use the USB capable Atmel ATmega32U4 so I’m interested to see how the Teensy bootloader and downloader works.