Small Basic Application not opennining fron Gobetwino


I'm using small basic for my main software. When I try to open the app I have written in small basic from arduino using gobetwino, I get a screen saying windows can't find the program to open my soft. There is no path for Microsoft Small Basic in it's properties submenu. It justs says its the target. I'm using the path for the soft I wrote; but it does not open. I guess i have to open small basic first and then my app; but how can I do it since small basic itself has no path? Help please,

Thanks, adrian

Does windows know the filettype for your program ?

Like windows knows to open notepad when you doubleclick a .txt file

If you can make that association i think it would solve your problem.

I dont know how to make that association. Thanks, Adrian


That link is interesting; I had tried that before; but I'm having the following problems:

-The file that really opens the Small Basic application by double click has no extension and when I paste the path in Gobetwino it sais the path is wrong.

-Small Basic creates 3 files per application. One with no extension to run it, one with extension .sb and one with extension .pdb. I'm trying .sb and does not open from Gobetwino.

-When I try to associate a program in my computer to open that file, Small Basic does not appears in the list of programs installed in my computer as an option.

-If I choose find the program online; I get a bunch of options requesting installation in my computer which I don't know and don't trust.

Thanks, Adrian

Problem solved.

The problem was that I was opening properties of the file I wanted to open in small basic and then copying the path and pasting it in Gobetwino create command. As the executable file had no extension shown in Explorer, Gobetwino was not recognizing the pasted path as good. When I selected the file from the browse option in Gobetwino Create Command it appeared with the .exe extension and Gobetwino recognized it as good. As soon as i started Gobetwino, Arduino openned my file with no problems.

Thanks for your help. Gobetwino is a wonderful software and I'm just a newbie with it.