small bike ecu dump

hello guys i want to ask if its posible to read the firmware from my ecu with arduino uno and then if its possible to write data to the ecu "remap"


which bike? Manufacturer, Model, Year of production?

AFAIK only some Suzuki´s have been dissambled, that it is possible to read and write mappings. The most other manufacturer let you read some data from ECU but not the whole mapping. This is only possible with a special contributor code, which you only get as an official dealer. And event they don´t spent that much money for that. Most people just use a PowerCommander, which will be a lot cheaper in the end.

hey my bike is a small yamaha bike t135fi with moric 26pin ecu. I am already making my parallel ecu for fuel tunning with arduino but i want to go a bit further than this. as far i know people can remap the stock ecu and they got access to firmware, fuel tables, ignition tables etc.I just want to reverse the firmware to see how they calculate things for fuel and ignition and later remap the ecu with my settings.

I guess you already found the ECU Hacking Forum?

yea i read that kind of ecus use k-line and you can reflash em by using k-line.i Just dont know how to communicate with k-line by using arduino

How that can be done is described for Kawa & Suzuki. The hardware approach is equal, only the software differs: OBD II Bike Connector - Pass via bluetooth (Kawasaki) Bike interface OBD (Suzuki)

Or take a look into my GitHub

i just love you bro thnx for the info!! btw with L9637 i read that you can get diagnostic information like sensor signals rpm etc somewhere i saw that ecus are protected and you need a password for a backdoor get access if you want to remap for example

i just got 1 question

how its posible to remap or dump the firmware from k-line if ecus are protected