Small button switch NOT working (?)

The small button switches I have - I checked two of them - don't seem to be working. When I tested for continuity with my multimeter, the switch indicated CLOSED for each push and I couldn't tell if the circuit was OPEN or CLOSED.. That is, it sounded and indicated continuity regardless of the push. Does the switch require voltage to operate as OPEN and CLOSED?

Of the 4 pins on the switch, 2 pairs are always connected. On your picture that would be the 2 pins at the top and the 2 pins at the bottom. When you press the button, those 2 pairs will be connected to each other.
Measure with the multmeter, the 2 pins on the side (in your picture)

The safe way to connect these switches to ensure that you have chosen a pair of connections that are shorted when the button is pressed is to connect to two diagonally opposite pins

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To test these buttons, connect your DMM across DIAGONALLY OPPOSITE pins.

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