Small Display with Composite Input


I've got some experience using small CCD / CMOS cameras used for first person remote aircraft flying, where they are attached to a video transmitter and picked up by a video receiver. The cameras have analog, composite outputs.

I'm starting a project to hook one of these cameras up for handheld use, and I wanted to essentially plug it straight into a display that would show what the camera sees in real time. I was looking for a screen around 1-2" in size, but had a few questions.

Is it as simple as hooking up to something like this directly (naturally with a power supply)?

And if so, great -- and my other question is, the resolution of the camera is ~320x256, unfortunately almost all of the screens I've been able to find in that size range are significantly less. The screen in the link above is 160x240. What happens if that mismatches the input? Is the image cropped? Distorted / Stretched?

Are there other options that I may be missing that would offer a screen size that small yet offer that sort of resolution?