Small Form-Factor H-Bridge for Peltier Help

Hey all,

I've been trying to a solution on the forums for my project, but haven't found anything specific. I want to make a wrist mounted peltier for cooling and heating me up (heating being a bonus. I have a small 3V 2A peltier lying around I want to use powered by a small single cell lipo. For simple on/off I understand how to use a n-channel mosfet.

My first question what are some small n-channel mosfets I could use for this project without the need for reversing polarity. I want to make this as small as possible. Currently I have a few of these mosfets lying around and don't know if there are any smaller options out there.

My second question is about h-bridges. If reasonable, I want to be able to reverse polarity on the peltier to switch the hot and cold side. I've seen several instructables on how to make one with 4 mosfets, but was hoping for something smaller. I was wondering if a an h-bridge motor driver would work, specifically something like the DRV8871. Form-factor is my biggest concern for this project and reversing polarity would just be a bonus.

Thanks for any and all help. Feel free to just point me to a post I missed.

I don't know anything useful about Mosfets.

I do use some H-bridges with 1S LiPos and my research suggests that not many types work at low voltage. For example the DRV8871 has a minimum of 6.5v

And the H-bridges that I have used would probably struggle to drive 2 amps. I have used the Pololu DRV8833 and the ROHM BD6212