Small mp3 player breakout board?


I tried a wtv020 and it's not that great

  • it's hard to find 2gb sd cards nowadays without getting scamed

  • and although I followed all steps to convert my files to AD4 file format, the result is not that great

  • also ad4 is proprietary and obsolete afaik

so I am looking for a small footprint mp3 breakout board reader for my projects

any help ?


Do you mean something like a DFPlayer Mini?

I found 16GB micro SD cards were cheaper than 8GB and lower so I use those. DFPlayer can be controlled by an Arduino or operate as a standalone. Pretty small too.

thx I'll check it out

If you go with the DFPlayer Mini option, then try to get the one that uses a YX5300/YX6300 IC to avoid headaches with library compatibility.

Couple other options I've ran across & bought, but haven't used them yet:

GPD2846A - slightly larger, less features

GPD2856C - larger but more stuff on the board like USB, buttons, speaker terminal, headphone jack

WT588D-20SS (16U or 32U) - Doesn't have an SD Card slot, but does have 16MB (-16U) or 32MB (-32U) of onboard storage