small oscillator (can i directly solder) - please check this

so i have a 14.31818mhz oscillator , i ordered a DIP one but the sent me a 5x7mm one that is very small

i can solder the pins directly to the copper places , but i just wanna know if tha's possible or that would just ruin the component

With a normal soldering iron, you can get it too hot easily. I think that soldering to the copper places is no problem.

It really depends, one thing to look at is the type of chip, older classes of chips are more sensitive to static and heat than some newer chips. Does the data sheet have the heat capacity ?

You have the wrong package so why not just give it a go. It'll probably be okay unless you hold the iron against it for a long time. It's designed to be soldered.

Its designed for reflow soldering, the temperature profile will be in the datasheet I suspect.

Reflow is typically: pre-soak at 125-150C for flux to activate. heat at 195-205C for up to 60 seconds for solder paste to melt & reflow. cooldown. Never exceed temp of 250C.

When I reflow, we monitor temps with thermal probe & digital multimeter. I hold 125-150 for 90 seconds, then 185-205 for 90 seconds, solder reflows right at the end of 90 seconds.

Depends on the paste and the largest thermal mass on the board (large inductors and ceramics will get you if you rush the soak or do it too cold). I find doing things by eye is the best in practice - you watch the reflow and check the stubborn ones have gone before cool-down.

Are small SMD crystals (not oscillator chips) more or less susceptible to heat damage from a soldering iron?