Small power supply for LeoStick?

What's a good way to supply 5v regulated power to a leostick? I'm looking for small. Will 3 1.5v batteries in series do the trick? 3 watch batteries? Will a simple circuit work? (I'm a programmer, not an electronics person). I'm happy to whip the USB connector off the end of the stick to save space.

I'm looking to drive some LEDs, so it might make sense to have an output stage, too, run them off a separate battery. Again - small.

The project - if you're interested - is to make some cool scenery for "Wrath of the Righteous", specifically the wardstone. Have the runes light up, maybe just make the whole thing pulse blue and red. The wardstone will be an obelisk maybe 4" tall, but I believe that the scenario is that it's been broken, so I am working with the bottom half. Maybe we can put the whole thing on a 1" tall base in which we can conceal stuff.

Point is - small.


Data sheet says it has a 5v supply. It may not work at 4.5v though it is worth a try.


How many leds are you driving? What type of leds? What is the total current requirement ? How long do you want the batteries to last? Does it have to be battery operated?
why not a USB wall adapter?

OP specified "small", this would suggest battery operation. The other questions however need answering.