Small programming environment

Is there a small programming environment for the arduino? The AVR gcc is so very huge and big and things.

If I program in assembler, how do I upload the programs via de USB interface?

I made a small compiler (no code generator yet…) and I might be tempted to make a code generator for the Arduino… After I have ported the compiler to Java.

What do you mean by small programming environment? I have took a look in your site and I cant see neither assembly neither avr c, is that fortran?

the language in which I program is Modula-2. The small compiler is PLOV (a small version of Modula-2).

I hate to use C and C-like languages. Is there another environment for Arduino to use?

My opinion is that a 1 Gigabyte C compiler top program a 64 KB micro controller, is overkill.

WinAvr is as big as 28.8Mb and avr studio is 116Mb, and can emulate, debug and program every avr on earth, as an integrated text editor and a lot more things, where is the 1G program? Gcc can be very big if you get support for a million different systems, but the avr-gcc is very small and programming in linux using gcc doesn't need anything near 1G to even have a OS working. If you don't like C is one thing, but saying those things is another, you can program in assembly, and for that avrstudio is good and as said above nowhere near 1G

thanks for the lecture, but can you HELP me?

Can you show a simple functional program compiled in your tools and what assembly can it generate? As far as I know, no, there is only assembly, c and a bit of c++ to program your arduino,well there is bascom a basic compiler for avr's but you would need some tweaking to make it work with the arduino bootloader, nothing hard or fancy just need to make yourself the avrdude call, if you dont like it, you could change to and fpga and vhdl/verilog.

My PLOV compiler has no code generator for the time being so I cannot show anything.

Are there websites that show how assembled code is inserted into an Arduino with the Arduino software or a special programmer or something else?

The arduino is a nice concept but I need some well documented examples.

Scroll down till: Upload sketches with AVRDUDE in this link:

Search for avrdude, avr programming, avr bootloader, those you give you lots of info. The arduino uses a bootloader, a small program that enables it to be programmed via a serial com, but it could be made to use i2c ou spi, isp is what standalone programmers use to program avr chips without a bootloader.


Thank you, that's the kind of link that I was looking for!