small servos - can I drive 3 at once directly from an Arduino Uno?

I have three of these tiny servos ...

I have read some cautionary tales that it's best not to drive more than 2 "regular" sized servos directly from the +5, GND and PWM pins of an Arduino, but what about these small ones? Has anyone done this before?

Annoyingly there's no datasheet on the website and there are actually no identifying marks on the servos themselves. Although apparently they are similar to the Hitek HS-55 servo, but there's no guarantee that the electrical characteristics are the same.

So can I get away with it do you think? I was hoping to just hook all three to common +5v, common GND and separate PWM so I can control them all separately.

What is your power supply for arduino, USB? That will give only about 500mA max, so you can expect problems if you load your servos.

Use external PSU and you don't need to worry about it anymore.

Cheers, Kari

The 5V is good for maybe 500mA. Split it three ways, so 166mA per servo. I've seen tiny mobile phone vibras take more than 100mA,and they don't have any significant load.

Your call.

separate PWM so I

No, PPM.