Small-sized soil moisture sensor

Hey guys,
The only soil moisture sensor I have (SoilWatch 10) and that I trust, need to be completely immerged in the soil in order to give an accurate value. But it is pretty long (about 10cm). Do you know if a smaller sensor exists which could measure soil moisture in only about 1cm?
Thank you

soil moisture at the surface is irrelevant for plants, the roots are much deeper than that usually. that's why sensors are not short.

if you only put the tip of the sensor 1cm deep, you should still detect some variations between full wet or dry though.

You can of course explore building your own sensor

Thanks for the link, very interesting.
I don't really want to use it for plants but I got the point. I was actually thinking to put it horizontally instead.
thanks for your help

worth trying, the crux is in the calibration

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