Small sound clip recognition with VR modules

Im working on a project that requires an arduino to trigger on small sound cues. The sound cues consist of 3-4 small sound clips\jingles that last for less then a second. NOTE I dont want voice recognition, it is actual small music clips(is there a simple word for small music clips? ::) ) that I want to detect. As far as I understand an arduino in itself isn't capable of doing this so I need a module.

Unfortunely I can`t find modules available for this purpose so I was wondering if I could use a voice recognition module like the Geeetech VR module for Arduino or Elechouse VR module V3. The possible downside I can see with this is that these are specifically made for voice recognition so they will most likely include some noise filters which could make them ignore music (I could be horribly wrong on this). Has anyone tried this solution yet? Or does anyone have another idea? All help is appreciated.

It has been some months, but i finally got around to continue this project. I bought the Elechouse VR module V3 and I can conclude that it works perfectly with recognizing any kind of sound clips. I also made a simple Line-level to mic-level -40dB attenuator to be on the safe side of plugging any kind of Aux minijack signal in the microphone port. (Attenuator schematics)

I hope that this info is useful for somebody else in the future :)