small valve for liquid

Bonjour, Je rechercherais une toute petite vanne pour liquide que je pourrais ouvrir et fermer avec mon arduino pouvez vous m'aider svp

Hello, I was looking for a small valve for liquid I could open and close with my Arduino can you help me please

How small is small ? What liquid (water, petrol, or something like that) ? What kind of valve (direct acting or other) ? What is your project ? If for example you want to water plants, then it might be easier to use a pump. A pump or valve are in the same price range.

I suppose a 12V valve will be okay. Then you probably need a mosfet to activate the valve. This is a valve for liquids :

Be aware that those valves require a minimum water pressure to open. The solenoid doesn't actually open the valve, it just unlocks it. The water pressure has to be over the minimum specified to open the unlocked valve.

The one Koepel linked (and I realise it's just an off the cuff example) has a minimum pressure of 0.02MPa which is 2m water head: not insignificant.

I didn't realize that was 2m water pressure. This is a direct acting valve : That one is big, requires a large current, and makes a loud "thunk" sound when activated.