Small wire segments

If you ever want to make very small insulated wire segments, use the following 6 steps in the attached image:
In step #4, capture about 1/4” of insulation (or the amount you want) then pull the wire until you “ALMOST” pull the insulation off.
Next carefully remove the wire so it looks like step #5.
Cut the segment so it looks like that in step #6.

You can do the same thing with wire cutters (dull works best).
Be careful not to cut any of the strands in steps #1 and #3.

Practice makes perfect.


I modified an old pair of flush cutters to do the above.
I used a 3 cornered file and made two small groves in the blades.
I kept on filling and testing till it worked on both 24 and 22 AWG stranded wire.
Also works on insulated solid wire.

You could use a small diamond drill set.
Just turn the bit with your fingers.