Smaller alternative to the Ethernet Shield

Greetings 'duinos,

I've recently "Ethernet Shield"-enabled my Arduino, and I must say it's awesome. I'm now getting into the time of moving from the big Uno board to a smaller Mini (or even bare-bones home-built), but am stumped as to what to do regarding the Ethernet connectivity.

Is there a "mini" alternative to the Ethernet shield? It seems a non-trivial task to reproduce the contents of that shield myself!



Something like this?

If you don’t need the Micro-SD card, this might be smaller:

Oh I like the WIZnet one. Much cheaper than the shield too.

Thank you for the tips.

Am I right in thinking that the RN-XV WiFly Module would be a similar, lower-cost (£30) alternative to a 'standard' WiFi shield? The WiFly Arduino Wireless Ethernet WiFi Shield for example is £75+. That's a lot of coin to spend if trying to get several projects on the "internet of things".