Smaller Arduino?

Is there a really cheap and small version of and arduino i can get. Im thinking less than $15 and really small? Have any ideas?

Arduino Pro Mini from Sparkfun. $19 Bare Bones Board, and Really Bare Bones Board KITS from Modern Device Co. ($15, $12)

These will all require a separate USB/Serial cable at about $20, but it can be used with multiple boards.

Cheapest is to build your own serial version from scratch (~$5 for a pre-programmed AVR, plus junkbox parts (more or less)), but that adds considerably to the level of expertise required to get started. A smaller Serial Arduino would be an interesting project... (Tough, too. You'll note that all of the existing single-sided Serial Arduinos had to make the board bigger to fit everything on...)

Well, the main question I'd have to ask is do you already have an arduino? (an NG/Diecimila)

If you do, you can make a really tiny (about the size of the Atmega) and use the NG/Deicimila to program it)

For the basic circuitry go here:

Just follow steps one and two.

When you solder it all up, be sure to use a dip-28 instead of soldering the atmega in so that you can pop it out for programming.

I already have an arduino, i was thinking of like integrating it into an ornithopter to contorol it, thanks,

yea like asp said u can basically adapt the breadboard setup like here:

i have used this method to make a homebrew mini board based on a lilipad bootloader, works a charm and i program it with a home made rs232 to ttl converter.