Smaller board than Teensy to easily create a USB MIDI class compliant device ?


The Teensy 2.0 is small and is very easy to be set as a USB MIDI class compliant device directly from the Teensyduino IDE.

However, I need to connect one I2C sensor and up to five analog sensors only. So the Teensy has way too much pins and I was wondering if a smaller board could be used as an alternative ?

For instance, could an Arduino-compatible board with a 32u4 chip be as easy as the Teensy to be programmed and run as a USB MIDI device (for instance Pololu's A-Star 32u4 Micro, DFRobot's Beetle or Sparkfun's Pro Micro) ?

Alternatively, could non-Teensy boards be programmed using the Teensyduino IDE ?

Thank you in advance.