Smallest Arduino platform with EEPROM storage.

What is the smallest Arduino platform with built EEPROM storage. I use STM32f103c8xx (Blue Pill) platform in Arduino environment but it has emulated EEPROM.

I am looking for a mini Dev Board like a STM8, Pico, Pro Micro, or even just the IC so the Uno would be okay if I could then later just use the Atmel IC. I am looking for small and cheap 8 and/or 32 bit.

I want the EEPROM to just store User Settings.

LOTS of arduino (deribative) boards are smaller than a Blue Pill. How about an Adafruit ItsyBitsy 32u4, or a Sparkfun Pro Mini?

What is "smallest"? You mean physically? What packages are you able to handle? ATTiny45 in TSSOP is smallest "hand solderable" AFAIK. Or you may use ATTiny13A which is only slightly larger. Both are also available in "legless" MLF package.

If you need more pins the ATMega used in Uno is available in small SMD packages.

Also did you consider adding an external EEPROM?