Smallest MCU to use as a mouse on Windows.

Hey guys,

I'm looking to use Pimoroni's trackball breakout

As a mouse for a computer using windows 10. I think I have a good handle on how to do this, however the only MCU I currently have that can do this is the Arduino DUE. This will be a permanent device and using a DUE feels like a waste because that's all it will be doing is running the mouse.

Does anyone know of a smaller (and hopefully inexpensive) MCU that can act as a HID?


Pro Micro - not entirely inexpensive however, but certainly much cheaper than a DUE.. :grinning:

Arduino compatible, the Micro came later. 0.75" x 1/25", $16.

I have the bigger Teensy++ 2.0 with 8K RAM and more pins.

The ARM chip boards are next 10 levels faster, more/better featured, but have weaker pins.

Still, ARM board does 12-bit and better ADC while AVR ADC is 10-bit.

Many of the Arduino MKR boards? Arduino Micro. Arduino Nano IoT (wasting the IoT, but pretty smal.)
Seeeduino Xiao ? probably the smallest and cheapest.
Many of the Adafruit Itsy-Bitsy boards ?
Many PJRC "Teensy" boards?