Smallest servo?

Hi guys. What’s the smallest servo that I can get my hands on?

I found a pico-size at pololu, which seems to be the smallest I can find.

Anyone know of smaller possibilities?

Hmm - here are some (smaller in certain dimensions) possibilities:

Hmm - but none of these are really smaller than what you have found, I don’t think.

These guys may have something small - but not likely anything that would work for your application (and they likely aren’t cheap, either):

Hmm - how about this one:

Found this via this thread:


Smallest Hitec servos

HS-35HD Ultra Nano Size in Inches: 0.74 x 0.30 x 0.62

The smallest ones I’ve seen are for controlling the pitch of model helicopter tail rotors, often mounted on the tail-boom itself.
Don’t know the mfr, though, sorry.

Sorry for the slow reply. Thanks for the help everyone :wink: