smallest (SMD) trim pot?

Hey gang-

would like some help or feedback on finding the smallest SMD/SMT potentiometers there are..

I think I have only found ones similar to this:

in a 2mm x 2mm square package..

this request has two requirements:

1.) smallest SMD/SMT pot you can find..
2.) has to have matching/usable Eagle part :wink:

In Eagle I have found:

Resistor >> R-TRIMM >> RTRIMMCVR42A pot...

but I am looking for something smaller? (if they make such an item).. and of course matching Eagle part always helps.. :slight_smile:

ok… library part check time I guess… :slight_smile:

couldnt FIND an Eagle symbol for this part… so I made one…
posting for review/feedback

(still sorta new to this…and dont fully understand how to group/organize different packages/sizes under one symbol…etc)

Murata Electronics North America







the lib says Bourn… but the company is Murata

bourn_smd_potentiometers.lbr (11.2 KB)

Try uploading/attaching a pic (screen grab?) of your library part?
Unless we download it & open in Eagle....just seeing code.


I can do a screen grab.. but will that 'really' let you test/see the part in action and tell if it is accurate (correct) or not..?

pics as requested (although still unclear as to how that is gonna let anyone 'check' the integrity of the part made)

pics as requested (although still unclear as to how that is gonna let anyone 'check' the integrity of the part made)

It won't.....necessarily. But it may inspire someone to go through the effort of "checking" the integrity of your part. No offense, just don't know you or if you've designed any parts in Eagle before. It would be kind of annoying to go through trouble of downloading part, opening in Eagle, and "testing" it for you just to find out there weren't even enough pins attached...or was completely wrong shape...etc...

Think of it like a resume, or an actor's headshot. Neither will tell you if they're a perfect fit....but WILL help determine if further examination is worth your time. When asking strangers to help you for free...sometimes you need to inspire them to do so. That's all.

Plus...I'm on my iPad. But now, when I get to my laptop, I'll check it out.
From pics, looks pretty good so far. The top pad is you're 'pin 2', right?

Thanks -


yes… I believe top pin is #2 (I am at work currently)

and yes I have done a few parts before in Eagle (posted around here, some special request from members/mods…etc)

Ok, I checked it out.

Pretty nice work. It is functional…(pins attached to correct pads, etc).
But I think it’s too small. Looks like you designed it to measurements of the actual part instead of the “Land Pattern” (solder pads on PCB) which was on next page of Datasheet. Actually, I used the catalog-type datasheet for all their smd pots. It was much easier to navigate, and a lot more useful. I’ve attached photos of two relevant pages.

I also went ahead I adjusted your design to match the land pattern. I’ll hopefully attach that shortly. If you reveal the “measurements” layer, you’ll see which dimensions I used.

bourn_smd_potentiometers.lbr (12.5 KB)

good catch!

I was just going off the part image/dimensions.. vs the soldering pad footprint(s)..

I will update it..


I attached the updated version of library file (on my last post)...which I believe is now accurate. You can download & use that. Unless you just want to make it yourself. I could understand that as well.