Smart assisstant

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to make a smart assistant and I have a solution that I want to know if it is going to work. Using Arduino I will record a voice memo of the command, and send it to an app on a phone which then interprets and returns the data back to the Arduino. Is this possible?

Do you have a plan to get this done?


This is as far as my planning goes currently.

I'm not sure if Arduino can record a sound file. Most likely not.
I'm pretty sure I've came across a project where Arduino was used as an actuator, activated via Google Assistant or Alexa.
You can try googling "Arduino to IFTTT Webhook".

Edit: Found the project in question.

Alright thank you for your help

You can not use Arduino to actively send command to Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri.
But you can send command from Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri to Arduino. The simplest way is used IFTTT. See Arduino - IFTTT

OP wants to send the 'recording' to a phone.

Arduino by itself can not record a sound file... but I think I recall some library using an Uno and Waveshield ..

It wasnt WaveHC.... WaveRC perhaps? (been a while).. must save it to the SD card or something? (never played with that functionality personally... just WaveHC stuff)

And technically you could receive data back from a phone using bluetooth (once paired..etc).

Ive done it to make little 'GUI's' for my phone using MIT App Inventor before to send data to my Arduino to control a RGB laser cut lamp I made.. (re: simple bluetooth)

The issue/gap I see is.. sending this 'whatever' (audio file/clip/data) -TO- the phone unfortunately....