Smart BLDC Actuator Control with arduino and can bus shield


So I've got a Smart Brushless DC actuator that I'm trying to communicate with using an arduino. It's 'smart' because it's programmed to run on the standard j1939 CANBus protocol. It is usually used to operate an Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve on a DDEC 15 engine. I have successfully built an arduino can bus sniffer and was hoping to send data to the actuator to turn it on when I wanted.

I have removed it from the engine and would like to use it for a different purpose(not an EGR valve). So, instead of reprogramming the device(Which I can't do), I would like to simply send the signals used to currently operate as if it were an EGR valve on the engine with the ardunio, except I don't know what these signals are.

The plan was to record the can bus signal and then use that information to send back to the actuator when I want it to operate, however I can't get that signal because I don't have access to the engine anymore. So now I am trying to see if I can find the Can Id address that will cause it to actuate. I do know what the standard PGN for EGR valve control is on the j1939 protocol but I don't know what priority, source address, ect.. is to make up the rest of the ID.

I was wondering if I could use the arduino to request the data from the actuator when its powered on, or if there was some other way to reverse engineer the Can ID. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I think I've covered all relevant information for the project but if you need any more information please just ask.