Smart controlled outlet

Hi everyone, we’re going to create our year end project Smart controlled outlet, we have been assigned to create two(2) Smart controlled outlet in which we are going to control both at the same time building our own application/website to control each outlet.
I would like to ask your opinion which is better to use;
Create our application by using GSM module to send command to manage the outlet by switching it on/off
Create a website to control it instead; do we still need to use GSM module if we create a website for it to manage the outlet?

If you create a webserver to control the sockets and connect it to WiFi you will be able to control them from anywhere that can also connect to your router, either locally or remotely, and also potentially get feedback from them as well

As long as the controlling device can connect to the Internet then a GSM connection is not required

A “smart” Electrical outlet?

You are of course studying as apprentice electricians and your tutors are fully qualified electricians? :astonished:

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