Smart flower pot


I've no experience with the arduino card nor in electric circuit design so it would be my first project of this kind. I have some knowledge in physics, electronic and coding though (a bit rusted).

I would like to build an automatic watering flowerpot, consisting of a water tank connected to the flower pot by an electromechanical valve driven by the arduino card, according to the processed signals of a bunch of sensors.

So, I was wondering what do I need as electronic parts ?
My guess is :

  • An arduino card to process the sensor signals and drive the valve
  • An electromechanical valve
  • A power source
  • Sensors (hygrometer for sure, eventually thermometer and conductimeter)

Hence my questions :
What is the maximum voltage an Arduino card can output ?
How do I power it ?
Can I use it as a simple switch, opening or closing the electromechanical valve circuit (making the valve open or close) depending on the output from the sensors ?
Should I use a specific kind of sensor (in term of connectics, input and output) ?

In a second time, I would like to study the possibility to power it with a solar cell and a power management circuit.

Thanks in advance

This is a very popular type of project.

If you search through this forum and the web, using terms like "arduino automatic plant watering", lots of ideas and even complete system designs will turn up.

Avoid Instructables -- they are usually pretty bad.

Thx mate, I've tried looking for this but used unlucky keywords I guess.

here is a tip. google anything and add the word arduino.

garden arduino =