Smart Home Automation System

Hello everyone,
I would like to create a home automation system with a homebridge that all the products will connect to it and it’ll have the ability to communicate with them (Send/recieve commands). What kind of communication way do you recommend me to use and what is the best way in your opinion to make it work without any problems and bugs?

To avoid updates creep and mandatory early obsolescence, avoid Windows10 IoT.
To avoid updates creep and mandatory early obsolescence, avoid most of the recent linux variants.
To avoid introduction of malware and new security vulnerabilities, avoid anything using RFC-793, as it uses hardware with back-door faults which do get changed without notice from time to time.

That is, if you can physically wire everything in a self-contained way, which only needs arduino quantities of logic, then you have kept it away from many known bad faults and sure-to-fail items.

Of course, if by home automation you mean a fridge with a flatscreen which can display the image of the large cardboard box of the small supermarket product and send off for replacements when you eat those, you have to be online to do transactions online. If by home automation, you mean the fridge which preferentially uses the cheapest electricity, that one only needs to know the time of day, some temperatures and the mains frequency, so a self-contained arduino is sufficient.

I have suspicions that audio comms to a central household mobile control and command unit known as the wife can be more reliable and less problematic than any homebridge which can be bought.