Smart Home - Temp / Humity and AQS control

Good Morning I'm a beginner in this arduino world. My plan was to optimize my home in terms of energy efficiency. So you needed to know the temperature / humidity in all rooms of the house, (in a later stage on / off AC) and also in the AQS system know the water temperature to switch on / off electrical resistance. I think it would be an interesting project.

In my research I think it would be possible through arduino, but I have some doubts: Is it possible to connect several temperature sensors through the cable, several meters away? (Arduino was in a central part of the house) As well as the system required, to obtain the water temperature of the AQS, On / Off Resistance.

I count on your wise opinions.

greetings Ricardo

The length of the cables for the sensors will depend on what type of sensors you use. First selection is analog or digital. Analog sensors send the raw voltage back to Arduino to measure and interpolate, so you will be more vulnerable to noise the longer the cable is. Digital sensors measure the temperature and then convert it to a digital signal, so I think you will have a better chance over a longer distance.

I'm familiar with using the DS18B20 sensor, but not over long distances. I see people posting that they can get it working over 20 - 30 metres with CAT 5 cable.

I'm not familiar with what an AQS is but it sounds like something to do with heating water with an element? You will need to work out what the switching mechanism is and how much current you are talking about (volts and amps).