Smart.js – JavaScript-based firmware for ESP8266

We (Cesanta) recently released the firmware part of our IoT platform – Smart.js. Currently it supports only ESP8266, but we’re working on bringing it to other boards.


  • JavaScript as a primary language – the same language that runs in your web browser
  • Support for hardware communication interfaces: GPIO, I2C, SPI
  • Simple HTTP client (no SSL for now, work in progress)
  • Basic cloud integration – it can send some metrics that can be graphed on the dashboard. Source code of the cloud piece will be released too!

More details on our blog. Source code is on Github.

New release – ALPHA 2

ESP8266 port is more stable now, also added TI CC3200 port and POSIX port, which means that you can try out on your Windows/Linux/Mac machine directly :slight_smile:

GitHub page