Smart Stirrer/Cooler

My problem is getting started with the programming aspects of my project. The idea is to have a device that fits within a lid. It will have a blutooth module and be able to take in a temperature and activate a dc motor for a certain amount of time until the temperature sensor reads the input that is desired from the user. eg. User pours coffee and fits the lid. They then blutooth it a desired temperature to cool to and from there the motor starts. The device then blutooths back when it is cooled.

I have done the research and have my part’s already. Here is a list:

DC motor and stirrer (ripped from milk frother)

ATmega328P Nano V3 (mounted on a breadboard)

Sparkfun Blutooth Mate Gold

Waterproof (DS18B20) Temperature Sensor


Jumper Wire

My last qualm would be going about waterproofing the entire set up, but that may best be left for another post. All and any help or guidance is greatly appreciated.

You have not indicated what experience you have so I will assume none.

The best approach is to program one bit at a time. Start with the temperature sensor then add turning the motor on and off. Then get your Bluetooth working in a separate program before combining the two.

Use the terminal as your output while fault finding.

When you have a basic program, ask for help for further problems.