Smart Toy for children with Autism

Hi guys!

My name is Ladislas, I live near Paris, France.

With two friends, Marine (autism specialist) and Mickaël (best software engineer ever), we are a soon-to-be-launched startup called Leka Smart Toys. Our goal is to develop new smart toys for children with autism because we believe technology will enable them to flourish, communicate, interact and integrate according to their capabilities.

The first product, Moti, is a 16cm sphere. Moti is aware of its environment and moves independently. Just like a pet, it interacts with the child and draws his attention by emitting colors on its surface. These features encourage the child's curiosity, stimulate the senses and develop skills in social interactions. Through its own intelligence, the toy responds to the child's behavior by varying the light it emits and the speed of its movement. Upon contact, the child wakes and works his motor skills, have fun and progresses.

We have made a first model with an Arduino board that we tested in a specialized center. The results were incredible! Have a look at our video: - YouTube
Our first real prototype is beeing built by another friend. Sadly he doesn't want to take part of the adventure because he has other projects on the table.

So basically we are looking for a robotic technical co-founder to take on the development of Moti and of our future products!

Feel free to pm me or email at ladislas [at] if you have any question or just to say hi! :slight_smile:


Can I ask where you bought the plastic sphere from?


Can I ask where you bought the plastic sphere from?

sure! here : (it's in French)

the plastic wasn't resistent enough and the sphere eventually broke. :frowning:

Thanks for the info.

I know how special the children who have Autism, Like for my kids I prefer to choose the best toys for 2 years olds since my kids is still young.

Nice to see people care.
"eventually broke"
Google, hamster ball

I have created ZOTTZ, an Arduino based Occupational Therapy Tool that helps my son, and now I have a board out and it's on eBay.
My website

It is helping my toddler son develop his fine motor skills greatly.
If you need help, please email me.