smartGPU2 3.5" connection Problem

Hi.. I have arduino uno with smartGPU2 3.5" (480x320)... I have tried many many many times to make the screen boot up but with no success.. here the steps of what I did: 1- downloaded the arduino IDE 1.0.5 2- downloaded the smartGPU lib. 3- uncomment the proper line from the libraries. (mine was 480x320) 4- added them to arduino software.

then I connected the wires as the following:

| [u]Arduino[/u] | | [u]SmartGPU[/u] | | - | - | - | | TX | | RX | | RX | | TX | | GND | | GND | | 3.3V | | 3.3V | | PIN13 | | RESET |

then I downloaded one of their examples (sketches) from the website (

I am still getting black screen on the LCD despite all my effort. (also I removed all the wires but I kept the VCC and GND, but with no success) (also I downloaded the Arduino 1.5.6 Beta.. but with no success)

am I missing something or is there a problem with my LCD? please advice..

I am having the same problem. I do get a start up screen that has the Name Smart GPU 2 in a font that changes colors. I am working on the problem now. Sometimes I get this message too:

avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

I got an email back from vizic and they mentioned something about the TX and RX wires being disconnected during downloading but it didn't work for my problem. I also had to take the #define error out of the example code or else I just kept getting the error message. Anyone figure this out yet?

You might check your connector. That was my problem in the end...ha


I had the same problem using Ardunio Mega2560 board. You need to disconnect the Smart GPU2 board from the Ardunio board.

Download the program to the Ardunio board. Then remove the USB cable once the board is programmed.

Install (Connect) the Smart GPU2 board to the Ardunio board. And then power up using the Power jack. Not the USB port.

Good luck.