smartgrid box for our libre open source easy-to-plug-n-play small wind turbine

Hi all,
We follow arduino project for long (years). And we found it exceptional and remarkable.

In 2004, by our side, we also started to imagine a Free Material project: "universal small wind turbines easy to plug and play".

Today, 2012, we have delivered a first technical demonstrator of our stackable aeromodules under 3 copyleft licenses: CC, GNU-GPL, and CERN-OHL.

Those stackable aeromodules, are part of our small wind turbine easy to plug and play project.

However, we have no skill dealing with electronic.
Then, we would like to propose to arduino community, to build with us an under copyleft licence "smart grid box" able to :

  • transform electricty coming from the turbine into compliant electricity for any grid any where
  • pilot the production of electricity

You must have in minde that our small wind turbines are "small". The production of electricty will be low. We think to target a maximum of 75 W when wind is at its best speed. The turbine part is still under development.


Can you send more details of the project? It seems interesting.

Hello Anton

Sorry for the delay of this answer. We've not yet run a direct track of threads ... it's a pitty. We hope we will find how to manage this.

Anyway, returning to the topic, we are about to finish the very first web site presenting the project and giving links to documents (first draft of technical specifications book; shematics and picture of our first aeromodule technical demonstrator; ...).

Before the web site is available, we are going to try to give you a direct link to get those documents. As soon as this link is available, we post here. Is it ok for you ?

It is a great news to read your encouragements. Thanks a lot. We hope we will be able to give you any great information you need. We will do our best.