Smartphone Auto Clicker Help

Hi guys. I recently got an arduino and saw some videos of game auto players (i.e. Stack, Piano tiles ..). Some use servo motors to click, and others click electronically. As I liked this idea of beating the world record in piano tiles, I have finally decided - I am building this.

Due to me not having any servos, I decided to go with the electronic method. I read about capacitive displays and got to the conclusion that I need to ground my phone in order for this to work. I have tried several videos and tutorials, but still nothing has worked for me. In the attached video here you can see something strange (and annoying).

I have also tried to do this with relays, but have only one 6 pin relay and can not figure out how to toggle ground from it, and even if I'd find that out, as seen in the attached video it probably will not work.

At the end, I now know... my phone hates me. :cry:
Can anyone please help me?

PS I Think I put it in the right topic, if not notify me.

Can't you just link us to the videos you want us to watch instead of trying to make a video of you watching the videos?

What exactly is it that you want this thing to do?

TO OTHERS TRYING TO HELP: Beware that video. Don't watch it if you get seasick.