Smartphone Reader

Hi All :)

I am brand new to Arduino and have come across this little device whilst doing some research for a project that I was thinking about and think that it could really help me, but I am basically looking for anyone to confirm the feasibility of it before I go ahead with purchasing everything! (ill probably get one anyway because I think I've spent a weird amount of hours watching videos / tutorials for someone who doesn't own one!)

Basically the project boils down to a sensor of some sort being able to sense a particular smartphone within a certain proximity (over WiFi) and then sending it some generic information (in the form of a push message) such as a webpage etc. I've looked around and have not really been able to see anything of note but have come across some helpful topics which could moslty be implemented to how I would use it;nowap This last one is very similar to what I am looking for, but with the integration of each person in the 'room' having a smartphone which when within close proximity of a point of interest will send a notification to the phone

Just want anyone to clarify if this is do-able really?

Any help appreciated!


what I understand is doable, but might not be what you want.

You want to detect when a (un)known smartphone comes in TBD range. (e.g. customer recognition ?)

Think you should elaborate your requirements in far more detail. Project goal, environment etc.

Hi Robtillaart, thanks for the response.

Yes, that is correct, though im not 100% on TBD (am currently looking into this). The sensor would basically either recognise the phone or already know its information in order for a message to be sent to it when it reaches say within 0 - 80cm of the sensor

As I said I am new to the Arduino world so not sure about how to fully explain my requirements but as a project, here is what I will be looking at;

Goal - To measure Fault Tolerance between neighbouring sensors which are able to pass information to smartphones.

This project will be based in a small room about 10m x 10m and within the room there will artefacts on the walls, mounted or on display (a bit like a museum)

My aim is to fix a sensor to each artefact for information giving purposes and then when a smartphone is within proximity of the artefact, a ‘push notification’ is sent to the phone with a link to a webpage or other information.

The way in which I have thought about achieving this so far is to;
1 - have the smartphone connect to wifi within the room (wifi router in room) which can pull details such as accelerometer, gyroscope and compass which can track the location of the smartphone
2 - have a sensor attached to an artefact which can send information to any smartphone which is within the proximity.
3 - the information (unless you can think of a better method) would be gathered from the sensor (which phone it is etc) and then stored on a web server, then sent to the smartphone

I have thought that a simple proximity sensor would be able to detect when a phone is within proximity and the rough positioning of the indoor tracking would be able to identify which phone it is.

I have drawn up a quick little diagram if this is any help in explaining my use?

Would you able to provide any suggestions on this?

Very much appreciated!